Antitank Squad

The Antitank Squad

The antitank platoon is amde up of three antitank squads and a headquarters group. Each squad consists of a squad leader, a gunner, four cannoneers, three ammunition bearers, and a truck driver. My training will fit me to perform the functions of any of these men.


As a member of the antitank squad, I will first receive my individual training. I will become proficient with the rifle, the carbine, and the .50 caliber machine gun, as well as learn how to use the bayonet and all types of grenades.

Having learned to handle our individual weapons effectively, I will learn to read maps and aerial photographs, to use the compass, to move quickly and silently, to conceal myself from enemy observation, and to protect myself from enemy fire.


This individual training will be followed by training with my squad as a group. We will learn to operate, care for, and maintain our 57-mm antitank gun and its prime mover, a 1 1/2-ton six-wheeled truck.

As squad leader, I will be in command of the gun and its crew and control and direct fire. When I act as gunner, I will aim and fire the piece, assisted by four cannoneers, who will load and help me in aiming and firing. As an ammunition bearer, I will keep the gun supplied with ammunition and, when necessary, provide close protection for the gun crew from enemy riflemen.



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