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1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle Buttstock Identification Guide

Author: George Knott
Courtesy of: Sean Foster
Date: 2/22/08

This series of photographs and descriptions were made by Mr. George Knott, a long time BAR collector and historian.  Many thanks to him and Sean Foster for graciously providing the photographs and descriptions for publication on www.90thidpg.us This is the first in a series of articles relating to the M1918a2 Browning Automatic Rifle.


1-2-3 -  Wood A2 buttstock, this would have been on all 1940-42 modified M1918a2's (the A2 was adopted in '38 but the conversion’s didn't begin until 1940)


4-5-6 The production A2 stock (January 1943 onward)


7-8 Modified M1918a2 and M1918 (also M1917 'Enfield') buttplate comparison.  The early M1918a2 buttplates were the M1918 with the shoulder plate lug welded on.  Note the 'trap door' in the butt (useless for the M1918/M1918a2 BAR; the trap door was for the Enfield rifle)


9-10 'Modified' A2 and Production A2 buttplates. Note lack of trap door on production A2 plate.


11-12-13 Early and late production buttplates.  Note early plate has a screw hole at the top and the late has a 'pin' welded where the top screw would go.  I am un-sure of when this change took place.


14 Three types of A2 butt swivels. The top is late WWII, the middle is early WWII with the monopod hole, both are milled.  The bottom is stamped and I am pretty sure this is a Korean era part (early Korean era production stocks still hand the monopod notch in the butt)


15-16  late Korean era stock



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