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M1 Garand Parts Charts

Written: 1/28/2008
Author: Chris Guska


Below are a series of charts for the common parts that re-enactors are most concerned with for the “visual correctness” of their M1 Garand.

The charts were interpolated from the information contained in JC Harrison’s  Collecting the M1 Garand II and Scott Duff’s M1 Garand Datasheet book.  The charts may not be 100% accurate down to the exact start or end of parts usage.  There is some debate as to which author and book is “most correct” – I have simply tried to graphically present the data contained in the books with some interpolation and synthesis between the two.

The purpose of these charts is to provide an at a glance view of what parts were generally used on a month by month timeframe.  The charts were not intended for use by “serious collectors”,  but more as a guide for the average re-enactor to see what would be “correct” for their “reenactment Garand” that they may be assembling.

Lastly – I hope raise the baseline knowledge about the Garand in the re-enacting community.  Most reenactors don’t know that their T105 sight is incorrect for a wartime representation, and that the “single slot gas plug” wasn’t something created postwar for target shooters.

All tables and images are copyright Chris Guska, 2008.  Although the data has been culled and interpolated from an outside source, the graphic representation and medium of presentation is original and copyrighted. If you wish to use or re-publish the information contained herein – you may post a direct link to this page. 

For parts identification and more information on M1 Garand parts – check out the M1 Garand Collectors Association and their outstanding M1 Garand Glossary or any of the books by Scott Duff, J.C. Harrison or Craig Resich.


Gas System


Gas Cylinder Lock Screw


Rear Sight


Trigger Guard




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