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Modifying the European M1 Carbine Blank Adapter BFA

Date Published: 2/21/2011
Author: Rob Pursifull

This article was originally published on Protofusion.org by Rob Pursifull. He has graciously offered for us to republish it here as part of our library on Blank Adapting.

We dont endorse this method for authenticity or safety, but if you're going to go with this type of BFA, these are important instructions on how to make it useable with commercial blanks.

Before you blank adapt your M1 Carbine I recommend that you read the Carbine BFA FAQ.

For more on the BFA and the blanks it was made to shoot, visit the site below.

Safety glasses
Cutoff wheel / bandsaw / chop box / lathe (all will work)
Wire Wheel
Scotchbrite Wheel (optional) - emory paper will work fine
Bluing chemicals (Cold Blue or Hot blue if you're awesome)
Electric Drill
3/8 Tap (NC or NF, your choice)
# (Wire GA) Drill Bit Set
Tap Wrench


1. Cut off the cone.

2. Drill out to 5/16 if using 3/8-16 Tap and Set Screw
Drill out to 21/64 if using 3/8-24 Tap and Set Screw
Both will work just one is fine threads the other is coarse threads

3. Tap
Don't go all the way through! You will need about an 1/8 of an inch to tighten the set screw against.

4. If you want you can use a bottoming tap to get the threads even closer to the edge. Note: If you cant find a bottoming tap, you can cut off a tapered plug tap and just use that - its ghetto, but it works.

5. Grind / Sand / Polish the front to make smooth (Cosmetic)

6. Wire Brush or strip to get rid of red paint. (Cosmetic)


7. Blue End.

8. Now you just have to make some set screws and your done. How to drill out the set screws is covered in the other Carbine Blank Adapting how to. I recommend using Stainless Steel cup point set screws rather than using the common black steel cup point set screws. The stainless screws usually are not hardened and do not require annealing, thus are much easier to drill out of the box. This saves wear and tear on drill bits.




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