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Hackset.net Watch Repair Services

Review Date: 3/8/2014
Author: Chris Guska

I've had a number of original watches over the years, none of which had been maintained or worked well. After some negative experiences with watch repair, I finally found a watch repair service that I would recommend to others.

I purchased an original 1944 Ordnance Department marked Bulova 10AK watch off of eBay in 2008 for around $60. At the time, the watch worked but was not reliable, requiring frequent winding. Over the subsequent reenacting seasons the watch had its fair share of wear and tear - with the original crystal finally falling out. Once the crystal fell out the watch went on the bookshelf where it sat for a number of years until I decided to find someone to repair it.

Starting Point:

Here's my starting point, faded, washed out (from some well intentioned Q-tip cleaning), missing the crystal.

I contacted Todd at Hackset.net via email and started a conversation with him about the condition of my watch and the services I thought were necessary. Todd's responses were timely and concise, with most responses being same day.

Based on the photo provided, Todd provided me with an initial quote for the work.

Service: cleaning and timing is $85.00
A new GS low profile crystal is $25.00
Dial is $45 (Black Dial, signed)
NOS Bulova white metal alloy unbreakable mainspring is $25.00
Hands replaced $40

Total: $220.00


I mailed the watch to Todd at Hackset.net with half of the cost, balance to be paid upon completion.

Repairs and timing took about 2 weeks, during that time Todd communicated via email what the status was.

After repairs and initial timing Todd informed me that the pivots on the balance were bent and required replacement.

He provided me with the options below on how I wanted to proceed:

1) Accept the bent balance
2) Re-Staff the balance $35.00
3) Replace the balance NOS Military $30.00
4) Provide your own balance which can be purchased from $15-$25 plus shipping on EBay

I chose option 3 with Todd supplying the NOS original part. The part was installed at no additional labor charge and tested again to ensure the watch kept time in all positions.

In addition, Todd added new spring bars for the strap, replaced to screws which secured the movement to the movement ring, and replaced the bridge as part of the service cost.

Options were provided for what return shipping option I wanted and a tracking number sent when the watch was on its way back to me.

Total time of service from initial communications to return shipping notification was 18 days.

Total cost of full service, replacement parts and return shipping was $260.



Here's the watch after servicing by Hackset.net.

Out of the box, it kept good time and looked as it should.

The original parts that were replaced were returned with a note explaining what was done and why it was done. This was a nice touch that wasn't expected.


1 Year Later:

The watch was serviced in March of 2013, returned in April of 2013.

I've worn this watch on a daily basis since I had it repaired. It still keeps good time and looks great.

While I'm happy that my watch keeps good time after a year, what I was most impressed with about the transaction was the quick replies with detailed information.

I have no hesitation on recommending Todd from Hackset.net based on my experience with him on this Bulova 10AK.



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