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M52/M53 Fuze Comparison

Written: 7/23/2007
Author: Chris Guska

I thought a quick series of side by side photos comparing the M52 Point Detonation fuse to the M53 Time Delay Fuse would be useful.

The M52 is an instantaneous on contact detonation fuse for fragmentation or anti personnel effect. The M53 has a tenth of a second chemical delay built in. This was designed to be used for demolition; the delay giving enough time for the shell to penetrate into a dugout or wood top bunker slightly then detonate for maximum effect of the full high explosive payload of the M56 Heavy HE round.


The M52 is on the left, and the M53 on the right.  Both utilize the same body, but differ in their head sections.  The M52 has a very prominent striker cap.  The M53 has a relatively short striker that is flush with the nose of the head.


Note the markings


Top view


Side view showing the booster cup.



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