90th Infantry Division Membership


Authenticity Policy

In order to best honor and preserve the memory of the 90th Infantry Division and the WWII US GI's the 90th IDPG employs a detailed and rigorous standard of historical authenticity for its members.

This is intended to better honor and preserve the memory of the "T-O" Division and its troops and to also ensure that the members of the 90th IDPG have an atmosphere conducive to their efforts to develop an authentic impression.

Allowing for 'close enough' substitutes leads to a lower overall standard and degrades the impressions of others within the unit.   Blatant inaccuracies, while not only misinforming the public and doing a disservice to preserving the memory of those we seek to honor, also reduces the overall 'period' feel of other members in the unit and degrades the overall experience for others.   Additionally since the 90th IDPG is willing and happy to work with and help those who wish to develop an impression to the standards we expect, any and all infractions that do not meet our unit standards are unacceptable.

To enforce this the 90th IDPG employs a three strike policy in regards to authenticity standards: 

1st Offense: The member will be informed of the offense, he may participate in the event if the offense is not glaring but MUST have offense corrected by the next event.

2nd Offense: The member will not be allowed to participate in the event until offense is corrected.

3rd Offense: If after two warnings the member still chooses to disregard the club's authenticity standards, the member will loose their status as a full member.

Again, since the unit officers of the 90th IDPG are more than happy and willing to assist any member in obtaining the correct uniforms and gear for their rank (as outlined in TM21-1, 90th IDPG uniform and equipment requirements), along with the fact that prospective members will have a mentor assigned to ensure that they have knowledgeable and accurate advice in the acquisition of uniforms and gear there is no excuse for infractions of the unit authenticity standards.

If any questions pertaining to the acceptability of uniform or equipment articles arises, the matter maybe brought before the unit authenticity officer or authenticity committee.


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