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Membership Policy

The 90th IDPG continually strives for the highest levels of authenticity and historical knowledge so as to best preserve and honor the memory of the 90th Infantry Division and the US GI.  To this end membership in the 90th IDPG is a multi-step process. 

The first step in the process is initiated by the prospective member.  Therein we ask the prospective member to articulate what they are looking for in this hobby.  If they are looking for an opportunity to gain a better first hand account of how the WWII US GI lived, fought and died, an opportunity to strive for high levels of historical knowledge of WWII, the 90th Infantry Division and other aspects of the war along with acquiring historically correct and authentic WWII uniforms and equipment, then that applicant has identified themselves as the type of prospective member that the 90th IDPG is looking for. 

If that introspection reveals an attitude that does not want to, or lacks the desire to commit to the pursuit of high levels of historical authenticity, historical knowledge along with the sizeable investment of time and resources that is required to achieve the standards we ask of members, we kindly ask you to look elsewhere.

While this may sound harsh, it is not.  It is intended to protect the members of the 90th IDPG from others who will not strive to the level that we seek.  Having one or two amongst a unit who do not seek the same level of standards has a negative effect upon the other members in the unit by bringing down the overall quality of standards established by the other members.  This is especially disappointing to members who have invested considerable amounts of time, effort and financial resources to create an impression and display only to have it downgraded by a 'looks close enough' impression that is set up next to it, and this will not be tolerated in the 90th IDPG.

If after your self-reflection as to what you want out of WWII Living History as a hobby your goals and aims match ours we would happily invite you to contact peragimus@90thidpg.us to signify your interest in the 90th IDPG.

Once you have notified the 90th IDPG of your interest you will be forwarded a copy of the unit Articles of War (unit by-laws, which can also be accessed on our web site), a copy of TM21-1 (the unit Uniform and Equipment standards) along with informational brochures and liability waivers.

If after consulting the provided material and speaking with the unit officers the prospective member wishes to begin the formal application process the, the prospective member will be given the rank of Private (recruit), along with a unit mentor to provide guidance in historical research along with acquiring required uniforms and equipment.

The prospective member would have the opportunity to pursue a medical impression with our 315th Medical Bn Detachment or a Infantry impression with the 358th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion.  Other impressions (such as signal corp or engineers) are allowable but the necessary paperwork and tables of organization, equipment and standards would need to be formulated and approved before the new detachment would be authorized.

The Private (recruit) is expected to have the minimum required gear (as outlined in the Uniform Guide) at the first event they attend with the 90th IDPG.

A minimum of 4 events must be attended by the Private (recruit) before the prospective member is eligible to be voted into the unit as a full member, Private.

While just a cursory overview of the membership process this is intended to familiarize the prospective member with the 90th IDPG's membership process and some of the 90th IDPG's membership requirements and expectations.  For further information please email the unit CO or the unit XO at the email addresses provided:

CO: chris@90thidpg.us
XO: ski@90thidpg.us



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