90th IDPG Squirrley's Paperwork
Fair Use

Before you begin downloading any of the PDF's and content on this site - you need to be aware that the materials created by members of the 90th IDPG as well as private individuals hosted herein are copyright and subject to the Digital Millienium Copyright Act of 1998 and the Copyright Act of 1976.  

How does this apply to you as a reenactor?  

You can use these PDF's to print the artwork for yourself, your buddies, your unit - whoever for use in living histories and reenactments.  You cannot accept money or make any commercial attempt of selling or marketing these PDF's.

Lets have some examples of what we authorize as copyright holders for you to do:

1.) You print a bunch of this stuff out, take the time to assemble it - display it for a couple of years and decide to get out of the hobby.  Its OK to sell it.  We'd prefer you give it away to your buddies - share the love - and the authenticity.

2.) You print a bunch of this stuff out and hook up your buddies in the unit with Squirrley's paperwork for display.  They throw you a few bucks for your trouble.  ITS OK TO ACCEPT $$

3.) You print a bunch of this stuff out and take it to an event.  You have a table where you are selling the paperwork printouts.  ITS NOT OK TO SELL

4.) You decide to do everybody a favor and download all the PDF's to put on a CD .  A few of your friends want copies of the cd.  Its OK to GIVE them the cd, or accept a nominal amount of $ for your time and materials.  ITS NOT OK TO BURN A BUNCH OF COPIES AND PUT THEM OUT FOR SALE


Its all about the money and intent.   Its one thing to make some things for yourself or your buddies and try and get out of it what you have in it.  Its something totally different if you make a BUNCH - then get a table to liquidate it.   Getting a table to sell something is a clear demonstration of commercial intent.  Advertising printouts or finished goods for sale is clear commercial intent.  

So what happens if we find out that you're abusing this?

1.) We puruse what legal action we can, within reason.  The really nice thing is, that we have members in the unit who are attorneys and are happy to protect the group on their personal time in a professional capacity.

2.) We make it public who has abused us and what they did.

3.) We remove public access to the files and make it clear why we did so and who is responisble for it.  See number 2.

Research - Trips, photos, scans of originals, photocopies and archives notes from the 90th IDPG

Examples - Various projects and items created in the 90th IDPG for display or tactical use

How To - Instructions, materials reccomendations and tricks on putting the paperwork together

Downloads - Paperwork items created by Squirrely








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