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Divisional Statistics


March 25th, 1942

Arrived in the ETO:
April 5th, 1944

Arrived on the Continent:
June 8th, 1944 (elements of the 359th Landed on June 6th, 1944)

Entered Combat:
First Elements: June 6th, 1944
Entire Division: June 10th, 1944

Days in Combat:
308 days

Northern France
Central Europe

Individual Awards:
Medal of Honor: 4
Distiguished Service Cross: 72
Legion of Merit: 14
Silver Star: 1,459
Soldiers Medal: 50
Bronze Star: 5,705
Air Medal: 120
Distingushed Flying Cross: 4
Purple Heart: 16,972+

Killed in Action: 2,963
Wounded in Action: 14,009
Missing in Action: 1,052
Captured: 442
Battle Casualties: 18,460
Non-battle Casualties: 9,157
Total Casualties: 27,617
Losses as Percentage of T/O Strength: 196%

Prisoners of War Captured:

Information from US Army CMH ETO Order of Battle and 1946 90th Infantry Division Divisional History

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