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Four Eyes: Eyeglasses and the WWII US GI

Date Written: Winter 2011
Author: Mike Ellis - 90th IDPG


When I first began reenacting years ago, I found a dearth of information regarding which specific eyewear was worn. While many people could point me in the right direction, what’s been lacking was a comprehensive rundown of just what was worn, covering a large number of high-resolution, original images. This document is exactly that.

The topic of WWII military eyewear is large and varied, and naturally this is but a drop in the ocean of all information that’s out there. It is, however, an excellent primer on what new reenactors should look for when shopping for a pair of eyeglasses for their impression, and an interesting read for those old hands who may never have considered the topic before.

Click here for “Four Eyes” – 19.9 mb Adobe Acrobat File


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