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Guide Lamp: The Wartime M3
The M3 Submachine Gun in the European Theater of Operations

Date Written: Summer 2013
Author: Mike Ellis - 90th IDPG


Recently the 90th Infantry Preservation Group added a wartime M3 to the collection. Like many, I held a negative view of this weapon, primarily as a result of numerous negative reviews by cold war veterans and modern shooters.

After getting hands on the real deal, I realize the genius of the design. While simple, it is anything but crude.

The lack of research and analysis on this subject is astounding. Much of the same information, as well as post war perspectives have been circulating in the hobby for many years. This article seeks to objectively illustrate primary source data to provide and a starting point for a discussion within the reenactor community regarding the historical use of the M3 in the ETO and its place in historical interpretation.

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