Intelligence and Reconnaissance Squad

The Intelligence and Reconnaissance Squad

The Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon consists of a platoon headquarters and two reconnaissance squads. Each reconnaissance squad is made up of a squad leader, an assistant squad leader, three truck drivers, a radio operator, and three scouts.

As a member of the reconnaissance squad, I will learn to handle the weapons with which we are equipped. I will become a competent rifle shot and learn to use the bayonetand all types of grenades. In addition, I will learn to use the .50 caliber machine gun from which the platoon protects its transportation from air attack.


When I have learned to effectively handle our weapons, I will begin the technical training necessary to members of my group. I will learn to care for and operate the motor vehicles with which our squad is provided; to collect, study, interpret, and pass on information; to read maps and use the compass; to move quickly, quietly, and secretly, both by day and by night; to conceal myself from enemy observation; to cover myself from enemy fire; and to act as a scout in observing and reporting the activities of the enemy.


I must also learn to care for and operate our radios and telephones, and to signal by visual means. I will learn how to prepare situation maps which indicate the latest intelligence information concerning our own troops and those of the enemy.


When I have become proficient as an individual in the use of weapons, in cover and concealment, in the use of communications, in the preperation of sketches and maps, and in scouting, then I will learn to work with the other members of my squad as a team. It is in team training that I will learn to coordinate my individual skills with those of other men in order to accomplish our mission as effectively and quickly as possible.


Having completed my training, I will be assigned to an intelligence and reconnaissance platoon of a regimental headquarters company.



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