81mm Mortar Squad

The 81mm Mortar Squad

In addition to my training as an individual and as a member of the heavy machine gun squad, I will be trained as a member of the 81mm mortar squad. Like the heavy machine gun, the mortar is used for the close support of rifle units, but unlike the machine gun, it is used for high angle fire only. That means that the mortar shell goes high in the air and drops almost straight down on top of the enemy. Because of this, we can use it to throw shells over hills, into gullies, and other places that cannot be reached by rifle or machine gun fire.

As leader of our squad, I would determine the place from which the mortar is to be fired and then take up a position from which I could observe and direct the fire.

As gunner, I would mount the mortar and align it so that we would hit the target. As assistant gunner, I would help mount the mortar and load it upon orders from the gunner, and when working as an ammunition bearer, I would help keep the gun crew supplied with ammunition.





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