Cannon Company

I am a member of:

The Cannon Company. I'm an infantryman but I'm certainly different from my buddies in the rifle companies who are able to carry all of their equipment on their backs. Our equipment includes a sweet little ton and a-half howitzer that throws a four inch shell more than three and one-half miles. It's certainly no shoulder weapon, but it's infantry through and through. It's infantry because it's right behind the front lines of the rifleman, supporting them and clearing out enemy pillboxes and machine gun nests so that they can advance. We ride most of the time, but when the going gets tough we have to almost carry the cannon and its truck both, and that's no job for a softie.

Our company consists of three cannon platoons and a headquarters group. Each platoon consists of two sections with one howitzer to a section. The howitzer crew is made up of a chief of section, a gunner, a truck driver, and seven cannoneers.

The cannoneers aid in sighting the gun, preparing ammunition, loading, and supplying ammunition for the howitzer. I will alternately perform all of these functions.

Cannon Platoon (3x)
- - - Section (2x)
- - - - - - Howitzer (1x)

Headquarters Group (1x)


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