Heavy Weapons Company
Heavy Weapons Company (actually 357th)


I am a member of:

A Heavy Weapons Company. It is armed with the heavy infantry weapons, the heavy machine gun and the 81mm mortar, that are used for close support of the rifle units. The company is made up of two machine gun platoons, one mortar platoon, and a headquarters group.

As a member of the heavy weapons company, I will first learn to handle the individual weapons with which we are armed. I will become a competent shot with the rifle, the carbine, and the pistol, and will also learn to use all types of grenades. In addition, I will learn how to read maps, how to use the compass, how to move quickly and noiselessly, how to conceal myself from enemy observation, and how to protect myself from enemy fire.

Machine Gun Platoon (2x)
- - - Section (2x)
- - - - - - Heavy Machine-Gun Squad (2x)

Mortar Platoon (1x)
- - - Section (2x)
- - - - - - 81mm Mortar Squad (3x)

Headquarters Group (1x)



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