Rifle Company

I am a member of:

A Rifle Company. That's the unit the song writer was talking about when he said, "What do you do in the infantry? You march, you march, you march." His answer is not quite complete, for we do many things besides marching. In fact, marching is only the beginning, for it is only the means of transportation that we sometimes use to get us to where our work begins. However, at the end of a long day we sometimes agree with that second writer who said, "And that song ain't so very far from wrong."

The rifle company consists of three rifle platoons, a weapons platoon, and a headquarters group. In my training, I will learn to perform the duties of all members of the basic units of both the rifle platoon and weapon platoon.


Rifle Platoon (3x)
- - - Rifle Squad (3x)

Weapons Platoon (1x)
- - - Section (2x)
- - - - - - Light Machine Gun Squad (2x)
- - - Section (1x)
- - - - - - 60mm Mortar Squad (3x)

Headquarters Group (1x)



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