Service Company

I am a member of:

The Service Company. This company is responsible for the training of many different types types of specialists who later will be assigned to other units. These specialists include buglers, cooks, motor mechanics, truck drivers, clerks, stenographers, armorer-artificers, and pioneers.

As a member of the service company, I will learn to handle the weapons with which it is armed, to become proficient in the use of the rifle, the carbine, and the .50 caliber machine gun, as well as learn how to use the bayonet and all types of grenades.

Having learned to handle our weapons effectively, I will learn to read maps and use the compass, to move quickly, silently, and secretly by day and by night, to conceal myself from enemy observation, and to cover myself from enemy fire.

When I have completed this instruction, I will begin training as a specialist.


Motor Mechanics
Truck Drivers
Clerks and Stenographers


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