Antitank Company

I am a member of:

The Antitank Company. The introduction of armored vehicles in large numbers in modern warfare has brought about changes in infantry organization to counteract tanks. While every infantry unit is armed and trained to fight tanks as part of its combat mission, the antitank units are the only ones whose primary purpose is to destroy the enemy armored vehicles.

Unlike most infantrymen, I find it impossible to carry my equipment with me. Our weapon is neither a rifle nor a machine gun, but a big 3,000 pound piece that shoots a six pound shell at approximately 2,800 feet per second. It's big enough to stop any enemy tank that's been developed, and will do an excellent job on enemy fortifications as well.

Our company consists of three antitank platoons, one antitank mine platoon, and a headquarters group.


Antitank Platoon (3x)
- - - Antitank Squad (3x)
- - - Headquarters Group (1x)

Antitank Mine Platoon (1x)
- - - Antitank Mine Squad (3x)
- - - Headquarters Group (1x)

Headquarters Group (1x)



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