Howitzer Section

The Howitzer Section

As a member of a howitzer section, my early training will be similar to that of all other infantrymen. I will become proficient with the rifle, the carbine, and all types of grenades. In addition, I will learn to handle the bazooka so that I may protect my team-mates from enemy tank attacks. Accompanying my training in individual weapons, I will learn to read maps and use the compass, for it is essential that our section always be at the right place at the right time.


After I have completed my individual training, I will begin team training, the training that will make it possible for my section to handle our weapon efficiently and effectively. As chief of section, I am responsible for the proper performance of duties in the section and for correct execution of all commands. As gunner, I will lay the gun to hit the target.


The cannoneers aid in sighting the gun, preparing ammunition, loading, and supplying ammunition for the howitzer. I will alternately perform all of these functions.



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