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The M-1938 Legging - An Introduction

Published: Fall 2008
Author: Mike "Squirrely" Ellis

No Leggings?--
At other times, no leggings were worn at all – this was especially common when troops encountered warm weather, or were frequently on the move. It does not necessarily mean that these troops discarded their leggings, but rather may mean that they opted not to wear them during that particular timeframe.

No leggings worn at all.


Two GI's take sniper fire - the man on right wears no leggings, clearly shown by the outline of his upper boot.


A water-cooled 1917 crew takes a breather - note the man on the left wears leggings according to regulation, the man in the center has rolled his pants over them, and the man on the right wears none at all.




Army vs. Navy Markings

Wearing Them--

Correct Use
Lacing Methods
Putting Them On
Step 1-2
Step 3-5
Step 6-9
Step 10
Step 11

Different Ways to Wear Leggings--

The High Roller
The Cut Down
No Leggings?
Leggings For Dummies

War Time Changes--

Reduced Eyelets
The Change to O.D. #7
Leggings, Dismounted, O.D.
Factory-made Cut Downs?

Other Hints and Tips--

Taking Out That Rock




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