90th IDPG Projects




Installing a Philadelphia Ordnance Blank Barrel

Accurizing the Reproduction OL 10 and 16 inch bayonets

Authentic Display Grenades

MKII Grenade Restoration

How to Restamp Bazooka Rockets

Bazooka Rocket Safety Wire

1917 Ammo Box Restoration


Blank Adapting the Colt M1911

Blank Adapting the P-38

Blanksguy’s M1911 Pistol .45ACP Blank Information

Blank Adapting the MAB-D and Browning 1910/1922


Blank Adapting the M1 Carbine

Modifying NATO M1 Carbine Blank Adapaters

Dying M1 Carbine Birch Stocks

Blank Adapting the M1918 Series BAR

Blank Magazines for the M1918 Series BAR

Reproduction Grenade Launcher, M1 for the M1903 Springfield Rifle

Blank adapting the M1919A4

Blank adapting the M1917A1 Watercooled

Rebuilding the M2 Tripod - Israeli Surplus back to USGI


M43 81mm Mortar Round - Repainting and Stenciling - Updated 7/6/2012

M140 81mm Ammo Can Restoration


M3A4 Handcart Introduction

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Part 2

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Tires

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Drawbar


Uniform Items and Equipment

How to Dub Your Boots Using Sno-Seal

Dying Helmet Liner Chinstraps

Accurizing the ATF M43 Pile Liner

M1 Helmet Restoration

M1 Helmet Liner Restoration

Captoe Roughouts: Shoe, Service Type III: The other roughout boot

Fixing the What Price Glory M1938 Dismounted Raincoat when the sleeves fall off.


Other Equipment

Restoring WWII Water Cans

M5 Chest Restoration ( Chest, Steel, D28243 )

Defarbing the WPG BC-611 Radio



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