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81mm Mortar M1 Background

Review - 81mm Mortar - IMA

81mm Mortar Display

81mm Mortar Historical Photos


How a mortar fuze works. (simplified)

Mortar Fuzes

Fuze, M45

Fuze, M52

Fuze, M52 Reproduction

Fuze, M53

Fuze, M84

M52/M53 Fuze Comparison


81mm Shell Quick Reference Guide

81mm Shell, M43

81mm Shell, M43A1

81mm Shell, M43A1B1

81mm Shell, M56

81mm Shell, M57

81mm Shell, M68

M43 81mm Mortar Round - Repainting and Stenciling

Ammo Transportation--

M140 81mm Ammo Can Restoration

Mortar Transportatoin

81mm Baseplate Backpack Assembly - Strap, Carrying, M1 - D-37085

Use / Functioning--

Mortar Ignition and Incremental Charges

Firing Table, FT 60-A-2, Shell H.E. M49A2

Firing Table, FT 81 B-3, Shell H.E. M43

Firing Table, FT 81 B-3, Shell H.E. M43, M43A1



How to restamp bazooka rockets.

Rockets, AT, 2.36-inch

Bazooka Rocket Safety Wire

Holding the Bazooka

On the bazooka and the Tiger (Mark VI) tank




Blank Adapting the Colt M1911

Blanksguy’s M1911 Pistol .45ACP Blank Information

Selecting an M1911 Pistol


M1919A4, A6 and M1917A1--

Brief Notes on the Production and Use of OD7 Browning Belts in WWII

Blank Adapting the 1917A1

Blank Adapting the 1919A4

Restoring the 1917A1 Ammo Boxes

Restoring the M2 Tripod

De-Farbing the Browning 30: 7312973 Carrying Handle Assembly

De-Farbing the Browning 30: Israeli & USGI 1919A4's Compared


Blank Adapting the P-38

Blank Adapting the MAB-D and Browning 1910/1922

M1 Garand--

M1 Garand Blank Adapting FAQ

M1 Garand Parts Charts

Lockbar Pinion Installation Instructions

M1907 Sling Installation Instructions

M1 Carbine--

M1 Carbine Blank Adapting FAQ

Blank Adapting the M1 Carbine

Modifying NATO M1 Carbine Blank Adapaters

M1 Carbine Parts Charts

Dying M1 Carbine Birch Stocks

The M1 Carbine in Normandy - A Case Study

M1 Carbine Manual of Arms Explained

M1918a2 Browning Automatic Rifle --

Blank Adapting the M1918 Series BAR

M1918A2 BAR Stock Identification Guide

Plastic or Wood? Which BAR buttstock is correct for WW2?

De-Farbing the BAR: The Carry Handle

De-Farbing the BAR: Gas Regulators

De-Farbing the BAR: Bipods

M1903 Springfield--

Reproduction Grenade Launcher, M1 for the M1903 Springfield Rifle

Launcher, M1 for the M1903 Springfield Rifle: Variants and Details

M1907 Sling Installation Instructions


Authentic Display Grenades

MKII Grenade Restoration



M3A4 Handcart Introduction

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Part 2

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Part 3

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Part 4 (Final)

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Tires

M3A4 Handcart Restoration Log - Drawbar



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